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Stop using Cash App, Accept Payments Professionally

Are you accepting payments from customers through Cash App? If so, why? It’s hard to be viewed as a professional, reputable business when you ask customers to pay via Cash App. It’s important to note, using Cash App is only a problem if you actually want to be viewed as a business. If it’s just a hustle you’re trying to run, then Cash App is perfect for you.

What’s the Big Deal

If you want to be respected as a business, start acting like one. If you’re running it like a hustle, accepting payments on Cash App, you will not earn the respect of a business.

For example, what if an attorney asked you to pay them for their services via Cash App? Would you feel comfortable and confident in their services? The same applies to doctors, accountants, and just doesn’t feel right, or should I say ‘professional,’ to pay for those services via Cash App.

The Solution

Maybe you’re thinking…”oh crap, I want to be more professional and start accepting payments professionally.” There is a simple solution, and that is a website. That’s right! You can add an online store or payment option to your website. Now that’s how you accept payments professionally.


If you want to be viewed as a ‘business’ it’s time to start acting like one and stop accepting payments on Cash App. Get a website that allows you to accept payments for your services or products.

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