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Left the Superbowl to Save a Client

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Cybersecurity is a full-time commitment. If something goes wrong, clients will hold you accountable—no matter if you’re on or off the clock. For Derek Hairston Jr., owner of Olam Sites, one security threat on the big game day sent him on a mission to rescue his client's website.

Watch the full story below.

From the interview:

What got me was that of all the times it could have happened, it happened on a Superbowl Sunday.

My name is Derek Hairston Jr. I am owner and project manager at Olam Sites.

Alright Superbowl. My first Superbowl ever. This was a special day, alright.

I was excited that the Superbowl was here in Atlanta.

And the cool thing about it was the city pretty much transformed into Superbowl town.

Ferris wheel was lit up. You see the stadium, the lights, and immediately I was immersed in this like Superbowl world.

And phone rang.

I got a text from my client. "Help, something is wrong with my website!"

He was freaking out and it was kind-of, "I need to fix this right now!"

So I went on his site on my phone, and aw man.

White page. Page of death as I call it. The site was down

It was like, "Okay, what do I do?"


There's only one way to fix this and that's to leave.

And, you know...I looked around and was like "Dang, I've got to leave this."

Fighting to the crowd to get back, thinking what in the world could it be this time.

Is it plugin? Is it theme? Is it an outside attack?

This was probably the pivotal moment, when I started thinking long and hard about what security looked like for our client websites.

There are threats all the time, everyday. Every website is at risk.

So, changing to Wix has impacted our business tremendously. Now we can manage hundreds of websites with a peace of mind.

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