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What Is Online Marketing 

Learn the basic definition and purpose of it.

  • Clear and concise explanation
  • Easy to understand
  • Visual examples

Understanding The 3 Mechanisms

Dive a little deeper to learn the 3 components of online marketing.


  • Social marketing 
  • Search marketing 
  • Email marketing 

How To Get Started

Clear and easy instructions for getting started.


  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Marketing strategy template
  • Additional tools + tips

Online Marketing
Made Simple.

20 Minute Crash Course

ONLY $15

I'm Ready to [get offer]

I'm Ready to Start

ONLY $15

Image by leah hetteberg

Tracy, M.

Now it all makes since. Thanks for this crash course! Now I have, at least, a basic understanding of online marketing.

Image by Terricks Noah

Evelyn, F.

I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the surplus of information on online marketing. This course got straight to the point. 

Trevor, A.

I wanted to manage the online marketing for my business myself. Thanks to this easy-to-understand course, I can do that!

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